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5 Good Reasons Why Regular Massage Is Beneficial to the Mind And Body

Posted on 29 September, 2014 at 7:00 Comments comments (579)

Welcome  to Olga's blog! I hope you have all had a great break over the summer months.


The children are back at school, the summer is drawing to a close and most of us have probably taken our holidays. It’s back to work, the routine and the onset of winter to look forward to. With this in mind, some of you may have decided to start a new fitness programme, taken up a new hobby or decided to get stuck into work after the lull of the summer. So why should a regular massage be part of your weekly routine?


5 Good Reasons Why Regular Massage Is Beneficial to the Mind And Body

1. Reduces Stress

Allowing some regular time in your week for a massage will help manage stress levels in the body - be it from tight deadlines, over-busy schedules, exams or personal stresses. A regular slot in the working week means you have taken time to allow your mind and body to drift away from the day-to-day problems. Massage works by loosening the muscles which are tight from tension and stress, it reduces the cortisol levels in the body and increases the feel-good hormones endorphins, seratonin, dopamine and oxytocin.


2. Better Sleep And Concentration

Massage has shown to enhance the quality of your sleep which in turn gives you greater energy, reduces fatigue and improves concentration. Clients often report a sense of clarity and perspective after a massage thus showing the emotional benefits as well as the more obvious physical benefits of a massage.


3. As Part of Your Fitness Routine

Massage is now recognised as part of a complete fitness routine, whether training hard to Olympic level or simply regularly partaking in a sport you enjoy. Massage increases the blood flow to the muscles so that they are better nourished, it helps eliminate lactic acid and other toxins that can build up during physical exercise as well as reducing the recovery time needed after a workout. A regular massage can help improve the flexibility of the muscles and joints, strengthen connective tissues as well as breaking down scar tissue from previous injury. Massage also decreases inflammation caused by exercise and can help increase the occurrence of cell repair in the body.


4. Treating Pain

Massage is a non-invasive treatment and considered very low risk for most people, it is widely becoming accepted in the medical community as a treatment to various pain, either with or without other medical treatments. Depending on the injury, massage can be very helpful in alleviating discomfort by increasing the blood flow and circulation providing sore muscles with the nutrition they need, thereby aiding recovery. Massage decreases the tension in the muscles which improves the flexibility, reduces pain and improves sleep. The endorphins released during a massage, a feel-good chemical, can also help reduce the depression associated with chronic pain - especially those suffering with chronic neck and back problems.


5. It Feels Good!

Massage is relaxing as anyone will know after a simple shoulder rub. Massage can relieve you of aches and pains, melt away tension and produce a state in which your heart rate slows, blood pressure goes down and stress hormones decrease. Some people prefer to remain quiet during the treatment, focussing on their breath, quieting the mind and letting thoughts pass by. The therapists touch causes an immediate reaction in the brain to release the feel-good chemicals which enhance your mood and give you a natural high feeling.


So please do contact me today to discuss your individual needs so that massage can become part of your new, healthy routine.